Bamboo Sticks (Raw Agarbatti Sticks)

Our Raw Agarbatti Sticks manufacturing is based in salem (TN). We manufacture quality raw agarbatti sticks using some of the finest input raw materials, such as high quality bamboo sticks, jigat powder and charcoal.. We have a in-house quality control mechanism applied at each step of incense stick manufacturing. For e. G the jigat powder used by us is of certain adhesive strength to ensure that there is no breakage of masala from the core stick, likewise we ensure that our raw agarbatti sticks have uniform look & feel. The following parameters are adhered to for quality control :

  • Burning consistency : it is tested that complete incense stick burns.
  • Length consistency : uniform length of sticks in every bundle.
  • Thickness : uniform thickness of sticks in every bundle.
  • Burning time : the stick have long lasting burning.
  • Split bamboo : split  bamboo sticks are not used & discarded.

unit packaging is of 1 kg, the number of stick counting per/kg depends on the quality i. E. Thin, medium or super. We make bags of 40 kg packaging. The various options available are as follows, in addition to the below list we also entertain customized requests :

Particulars Descriptions
Coating Rolled Agarbatti (8") Thin (Counting per/kg 1400-1700)
medium (Counting per/kg 1100-1300)
Super (Counting per/kg 800-1000)
Coating Rolled Agarbatti (9") Medium (Counting per/kg 1100-1300)
Super (counting per/kg 800-1000)