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Red Oxide

Red Oxide powder is most widely occuring in nature. It is the basic mineral for steel plant. Red Oxide has tremendous application in building, construction, paint and many other industries. In India , good quality with high percentage of iron oxide is available in several regions. For paint, Ceramic, and building materials shade and tone of Red Oxide is important.

Chemical Formula Fe 2 O 3

Physical Properties :

Physical appearance : free flowing dry powder.
Sp. gravity : 4.2 - 4.8
Oil obsorption : 10 to 15%
Bulk density : 2.2
PH of 10% aqueous soln. : 7.0 -9.0
Purity as Fe 2 O 3 : min 90%

Chemical Composition :

Fe 2 O 3 : 90%
SiO 2 : 5%
CaO : 0.5%

Industrial Applications :

Paints :   Single largest paint used in paint industry. Used in every type of paint, primer, undercoat & powder coating etc. Tiles & Ceramic Industry :   Natural Red Oxide is used as a pigment in tiles, floor tiles, flooring products, ceramics, pottery and others. It is most commonly used with cement for flooring with red colour. Plastic & Rubber Industry :   Red Oxide & Synthetic Red Oxide are used in Plastic & Rubber industry for colouring. Important note :   Grinding Red Oxide is difficult. It is recommended to use micronised Red Oxide powder to save grinding time.

Normal Supplies   300 mesh, and ultrafined micro powder. 

Packing HDPE bags. 40/25 Kgs. nett.

Material Storage   Store the material in dry area , avoiding moisture & dust. This material is non-hazardous & non-flammable.

Shelf Life   The life span is upto 5 years.


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