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Mica Paper(Micanite)

Mica Paper

We offer Mica Papers produced using high quality raw mica materials, manufactured using the process similar to manufacturing of paper. The mica pulp is made and treated through a paper-making machine to make thick mica plate for meeting the demands of high thermal performance and electrical insulation. They are pressed under heat and high pressure to form rigid sheet which is impregnated with heat resistant silicon resin.

Our Mica Papers are cost effective and more homogeneous having greater consistency of thickness and uniformity of properties. They are widely used in heating elements for domestic and industrial electrical appliances. These Mica Papers are well known for its features like high quality, high thermal resistance and electro mechanical applications.


  • Designed for use in electromechanical & thermo-mechanical applications.
  • Used as replacement for asbestos & other insulating boards.
  • Used as base and covers plates for elements for toasters, hair dryers, air heater, electric irons etc.


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