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Mica Scrap (Natural Mica)

Mica Scrap

We are one of the leading manufactures and suppliers of mica scrap in India which is widely used for various industrial purposes. Irregular clumps of raw mica obtained from mines are called mica scrap, having an area between 1/2" and 1 1/2". We supply mica scraps which are substantially free from mineral impurities, non mineral impurities and other foreign inclusions. These are obtained from systematic and automated chemical refining processes. Our mica scrap is widely used in the manufacture of mica paper, mica plates, mica flakes and mica powder. We mainly export high quality scrap by removing dust, stone and other particles to plants all over the world.

Mica Scraps can be classified into different categories based upon temperature, size, and purity requirements. They are available in Muscovite, Phologopite and Biotite. Several sizes are available like -1/6” & up, 1/3” & up, 1/2”& up, 3/4” & up, 1” & up. White mica is well known for its shine and color, well suited for the production of paper and powder. This white mica scrap is not good for calcinations as it cannot sustain its properties at a temperature of more than 800 degree Celsius.

Features of mica scrap:

  • High quality and strength
  • These scraps are extracted from authentic mines
  • Free from contamination
  • Contains good chemical and physical properties
  • Obtained from automated chemical and refining process
  • Smooth, soft and cost effective
Applications of mica scraps:

  • Used in the manufacture of mica powder, flakes, paper.
  • Lubricants and roofing materials.
  • Used as filler in rubber plants.
  • Welding electrodes, cables and wires.
  • Accoustical plaster.


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