Micanite Parts

Micanite Parts

We are engaged in offering a wide range of Micanite tapes andmica tapes which is used in high voltage armature coils and wrapping bent conductors where very high mechanical strength is required. Our Micanite tapes are produced from one or two layers of thin or large mica splitting or mica paper bonded with epoxy or silicon binders in continuous rolls.

These tapes are well fabricated, suitable for both hand and machine application. A large variety of combinations of backing material, bonding agent and thickness of Mica is available according to the specification of the particular customer. The Micanite tapes are well known for their high tensile and dielectric strength. It survives under high temperature, non-toxic, chemically neutral, abrasion resistive and 100% Halogen free.

Features of Micanite Parts

  • High dielectric and tensile strength.
  • Well bonded.
  • Available in various designs and colors.
  • Adhesion backing and facing.
  • Highly reliable.

Applications of Micanite Parts

  • Mica Tape material has always been an essential part of the insulation in large rotating machines.
  • Used in electric motor, electric appliance and fire proof wire.

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