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A cenosphere is a lightweight, inert, hollow sphere comprised largely of silica and alumina and filled with air and/or gases.

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Fumed Silica

Fumed Silica is also popular as white carbon black and pyrogenic silica.

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Protein Bait

PROTEIN BAIT is Insect Bait for Fruit Fly produced by special method of enzymatic....

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Sodium Hexametaphosphate

SHMP is one kind of polymer, which is transparent glass flakes or white powder crystal.

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Talc is a versatile mineral, widely used in various industrial applications. The nature of deposit, formation of talc..

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Wollastonite Powder

Wollastonite powder is natural calcium silicate mineral. It is white crystalline powder, needle-like..

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Potassium Silicate

Potassium silicate is the name for a family of inorganic compounds. The most common potassium silicate..

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