Wollastonite Powder

Wollastonite Powder

Wollastonite powder is natural calcium silicate mineral. It is white crystalline powder, needle-like granules, with pearl and glass luster and good whiteness Melting temperature 1540 ? , Mohs hardness is 4.5-6.0, Density 2.87-3.09, low heat swelling and low loss on ignition.

Technical Specifications

Items Inspection results
Appearance white crystalline powder
Whiteness 90-94
SiO2 48-51%
CAO 47%
AL2O3 <1%
Fe% <0.5%
MGO <0.5%
Loss on ignition % 1.8-2%
PH value 7-9
Moisture 0.3%
Mesh 325


As per customer requirement.

Features of Wollastonite Powder

  • It also offers varied useful properties that include its high brightness and whiteness, low volatile content, low moisture, and oil absorption.

Applications of Wollastonite Powder

  • Used in plastics or rubber to improve the tensile strength and flexural strength, heat performance and surface color and reducing costs.
  • Used as reinforcing filler in paint to improve the paint's physical and chemical performance, durability and weather durability, reduce the paint's fault and aging.

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